Q. How long have you been looking after cats?
A. I have had a number of cats over the years, I got my first one more than 20-years ago.

Q.Regarding food what happens?
A.You know your cat better than anyone so please leave sufficient of what your cat normally has each day for as long as you are away. Not forgetting to leave a day or two extra because occasionally a flight can be delayed, something crops up you did not expect, and the last job if you have been away for a break, you will want to do on arrival, is go out looking for cat food as your first job!

Q. Cat Litter
A. – please also leave a supply of that.

Q. Supposing there is a problem whilst I am away?
A. We all know how from time to time cats can be very inquisitive, and have a habit of doing their own thing, with a long history of looking after cats I have had to tackle just about everything, I will apply common sense and contact you if possible so you can share in any decisions.

Q. Are Purrfect Cat Sitters Insured?
A. Purrfect Cat Sitters Solihull are fully insured.

Q. If I have to be away longer than planned?
A. It happens, an overnight business trip turns in to a 3 day marathon, please contact me and I will continue the service. Hence, point one and leaving sufficient food to allow for any unplanned problems.

Q. What if my cat is not well?
A. One of our questions we will ask is do you have a regular vet?

Q. If so I will take the cat to the your vet for expert help.
A. If no, I will take the cat to my vet, I will not incur any significant charges without your authorisation.

Q. My cat is very fussy can you accommodate?
A. Having worked in a cattery I am well aware that very few cats are comfortable in those surroundings and given the choice all cats would rather be at home in their own surroundings. I will do what I can to accommodate your needs.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You pay 50% when you make the booking and the balance on your return or 100% up front, if you prefer. Purrfect Cat Sitters accept cheques, cash, BACS or I can send you a PayPal link if you prefer to pay on a card.